New generations

Haspac Tuna is the result of the joint work of two generations with a long tradition in the fishing sector. We have incorporated innovative methods into this renowned sector to generate value.

The combination between technological advancements and our extensive experience in the sector has allowed us to specialise in tuna processing and ultra-freezing. For this reason, we can supply our products throughout the year respecting marine resources.

As a result, we get a high-quality product with an incomparable flavour. An exclusive gastronomic experience for our consumers and for the most demanding chefs.

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Our numbers speak for themselves


Sustainable Energy



7.000 m2

m2 of surface area

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sólo palabras


De Energía sostenible



7.000 m2

m2 de superficie




We process and market frozen tuna of the highest quality so that it can be enjoyed anywhere in the world through transparent traceability and sustainable practices. Our extensive experience provides us with know-how that, together with our state-of-the-art facilities, allows us to offer a rigorous supply guarantee and the best treatment of the most exclusive raw materials.


We aim to be a benchmark in our sector, a globally-known brand. We strive to be on the tables of the finest restaurants as a synonym for outstanding quality, sustainability, and traceability.



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This means taking quality to the highest level possible. We demand the best in order to offer the best.


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We firmly believe in generating a positive impact in the industry and society.


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Building long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers can only be achieved with honesty and trust.


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We invest in cutting-edge technologies and facilities that allow us to offer everything we value: Excellence, Sustainability, and Transparency.