Super Frozen

Haspac Tuna is committed to excellence. That includes offering products with an optimal cold supply chain, not only to promote food safety measures, but also to preserve the product’s original physical and chemical properties.

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Super Frozen means the products are frozen at -60ºC using pioneering technology. This allows a great refrigeration capacity and stops metabolic processes to offer products with the much appreciated “Jijime”. This technique also ensures the elimination of parasites, especially the well-known anisakis, making it the safest preservation process within the food industry and allowing our products to be consumed raw.

Traditional techniques

They slow down the metabolic processes of food, but do not completely stop its deterioration.

Super Frozen technique

It is the ideal process to enjoy a product with maximum freshness, food safety, and natural flavour.

Reasons to choose Haspac Tuna's Super Frozen process:

We make sure that our raw material reaches super frozen temperatures on board as quickly as possible after harvesting

We monitor temperatures through strict controls at all times

This method eliminates all parasites and preserves the food’s organoleptic properties as if it were freshly caught

Provides premium sashimi-quality products to enjoy even in the off-season